Stronghold 3 (2011)

Stronghold 3 | Publisher: 7Sixty | Developer: FireFly Studios | Genre: Strategy | Platform: PC |  Release Date: 25 Oct 2011

Your castle walls are being smashed by siege engines,
a good enemy catapult encompassed by soldiers is rumbling ever close, your villagers are usually hungry, wolves have remained spotted in one nearby cave, your barracks are usually desperately clear… simply another general day for one medieval lord in FireFly Apartments’ Stronghold 3. Since first starting in 2001, both the Stronghold shows has become one of the respected in thises genre with thises mix of precision farm facility, fast-paced real-time game and dramatic sieges to hundreds on enemies swarming over your own castle. Stronghold 3 promises as the greatest yet, to a keep filled with fantastic new has that make sure historic and teenage fans alike feel a gritty cut on medieval life.

Improved facility computer allowing unprecedented amount of realism and intricacy in castle and also village create
True physics and advanced graphics bring siege battle to life in amazing detail
Story-driven game employs players on both campaigns: attack or economic
Amazing nighttime sieges add one new dimension towards the Stronghold business
Besiege other members’ castles or defend your in one various action-packed on the market multiplayer modes
Perform via accurately re-created sieges during the profile of report. Will you be successful where someone else neglected?

Minimum System Requirements:
Processor: Dual Core CPU – 2.0GHZ
Operating System: Windows® XP SP3/ Windows® Vista SP2/ Windows® 7
Video: 256 MB ATI HD2600 XT or better, 256 MB nVidia 7900 GS or better
Sound: DirectX 9.0c-compatible sound card
Memory: 2GB RAM
Hard Disk Space: 5 GB Free
DVD-ROM Drive: Required for disc-based installation
DirectX®: DirectX® version 9.0c

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