Trials Evolution: Gold Edition (2013)

Trials Evolution Gold Edition (2013)

Release name: Trials.Evolution.Gold.Edition | Size: 3.41 GB | Genre: Racing | Publisher: Ubisoft | Release Date:  18.03.2013 | Language: EN

The Trials Evolution: Gold Edition marks the Trials franchise’s triumphant return in the PC gaming platform. RedLynx’s signature franchise, the Trials series first made it’s mark in gaming with the 2008 release of Trials 2 SE for the PC Sector. That breakout indie success led to further success on the Xbox platform, but ever since then PC gamers have been clamoring for more parts of Trials. Trials Evolution: Gold Edition is what they have been want for.

The Gold Edition Is Two Trials In One

Trials Evolution: Gold Edition will contain all the content of the original, best-selling XBLA game Trials Evolution. In a new addition, all of the single player tracks and skill games from Trials HD will be found in Trials Evolution effectively doubling the content offering with the two complete games, neither of which have ever before been available on PC sector.

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